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The impact of compliments

Today is compliment day, the perfect day to give extra compliments to family, friends or colleagues. But what impact does a simple compliment have? Below you can read why it is so important to give and receive a compliment!


When someone receives a compliment, dopamine is released. Dopamine is a chemical  in the brain that makes you feel good and happy. It ensures that your self-esteem increases. So a compliment can really make your day.

Reduce stress

Compliments in the workplace not only increase job satisfaction, they also reduce work stress. Little recognition, on the other hand, causes more stress and can even lead to burnout and loneliness.

Qualitive compliment

A substantive or qualitative compliment has a greater effect than a superficial compliment. For example, when you compliment on an achievement, this will give great satisfaction and be an extra motivation to do just as well in the future!

Get a better picture of  a person

By receiving and giving compliments, you will view a person more positively and you will get a better picture of the other person.

But how do you give a good compliment? Make sure it’s personal, specific and most of all sincere! So don’t forget to give an extra compliment on a day like today, it has much more impact than you might think!