What if you have multiple job opportunities?

You are looking for a first or new job, you are scrolling through websites with hundreds of vacancies and get in contact with a recruitment consultant.
The right choice can never be predicted, but there are several guidelines that can lead you to your favorite option. Read following aspects, they will help you with your search.

Feeling with the enterprise
To start, there must be a certain click with the company you are going to work for. Before you have a job interview you better check the company website. There you can read certain information and you might feel a tone of voice. During the interview it is good to ask subtle about the ambiance at work. The first impression is (probably) the most important one. When you enter the office you will receive lots of impulses. Your eyes will check how the office looks like, is it an open or closed working-space? Do the employees seem happy? Your ears will listen to the atmosphere, is everybody silent? Are they laughing? Also, the way the employer speaks to you reflects the company’s vision, mission and structure. When you do not feel it with the enterprise or employees at the very beginning, 9 times out of 10 it won’t be your match.

Before you get in touch with a recruitment consultant it is good for yourself to sort out where you would like to work. The region and distance from your house is very important. Are you prepared to take the train every day? Or do you prefer a job close to your home? Some people say it is relaxing  driving to work in the morning, they call it ‘me-time’. But do not immediately let the opportunity go if you are scared to be stuck in traffic every day. Problems occur in order to be solved.

Fringe benefits
A benefit you get from a company is a nice extra on your salary. When a company adds several benefits to your salary it is very tempting to choose that certain job. A hospitality insurance, meal vouchers, a car, a fuel card… Sounds like music in your ears. But weigh up for yourself, do you need all these? A benefits means, not always, but most of the time, a decrease in your salary. Do you live in the middle of the city? Then it is better to use public transport instead of a car. If someone else in your family already has a hospitality insurance it’s better to connect to theirs. Consider all pros and cons before you make your decision. 

Function versus vision
It is normal that not everybody get their dream job from the beginning. Sometimes you have to climb, get experience and follow courses to get to the top. Does the function that they offer you not immediately ring bells? But does it give you the chance to get your dream job in a couple of years? Consider it! You might start at a lower salary, but we are sure you will compensate that in the future.

Are you a leader or a follower? Inform your interviewer about your personal vision for the future. Together you will get to an agreement.

“Before your job interview it is better to check the company’s website. There you will find relevant and interesting information about the enterprise.”

Financial aspect
Money is not the motivation. It is not because they offer you a high salary that you have to take the job immediately. Think about the total package. Look at the employees, your task package, the working-hours, location and variation in the job. Do you match with most of these interfaces and is the salary something you had hoped for? Then it’s time to be convinced about the job. Dare to do! Instead of setting your personal requirements.

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