Le Grand & Associates / LGA HR GROUP

The launch of LGA HR GROUP

Interested in how we have grown?

LGA HR GROUP is the parent company of 3 high-end professional and specialised selection-and recruitment agencies. Our main focus lies on conducting a sustainable environment to stimulate people to grow their full potential. We want to create a good balance between taking the opportunity and finding the time to turn skills into satisfying work. Therefore, LGA HR GROUP is dedicated to turn passion and desire into fulfilment.

This story began five years ago. Passionate about finance & fiduciary, with a focus on high level profiles Charles-Henry Provenzano started a qualitative recruitment agency in March 2015 in Ghent.

As Le Grand & Associates was growing, we experienced that not only high professionals were popular business, but young potentials also indicated that they were thrilled to improve their skills on the market. So, we enlarged our core-business.

Two and a half years later, May 2017, we could not get enough of the recruitment business and established a second company: LGA Engineering, consultancy agency specialised in the selection-and recruitment of professionals in engineering industries.

February 2019 was the start of our international IT consultancy company: LGA IT; focussed on the selection and recruitment of qualitative IT-professionals.


Thanks to our success over the industries we thought of scattering a part of our talents from Ghent to Antwerp to aggrandize an office over there. In November 2018 we welcomed our brand-new office on Antwerp territory and some months later we even opened an office across the border in Luxembourg.

Now, almost 2 years later and 35 consultants on the numerator we have not stopped the expansion. Le Grand & Associates launched a Tax and Legal department. Likewise, LGA Engineering enlarged their expertise area with a Supply Chain & Logistics and a Life Sciences & Chemical department.

“We support your growth”

Every niche puts its quality standards and expertise very high. With their passion and studious character all our consultants stay in touch with the latest trends and developments of their market.

LGA HR GROUP is a fast-growing group of young and ambitious people who are dedicated and passionate to make a change. With our strong entrepreneurial vibe in the field of specialised HR-services we believe that HR should get the specialised attention that it deserves. People are after all the most important asset of a successful company.

Are you looking for a job in the financial or juridical industry? Contact our team, she will guide you through your search. Feel free to check out our vacancies.