The experience of Jasper at Le Grand & Associates

Curious about how Jasper D’Haens experienced his internship as Marketing Intern at Le Grand & Associates.  Read it below

On February 17 I have started my internship at Le Grand & Associates / LGA HR GROUP. Until today no day passed by that I didn’t learn something new.

At the beginning of my internship I felt very welcomed by a warm group of colleagues. They work very hard everyday to deliver the best services to their clients and candidates to help them find the perfect job or a certain profile.

During my internship in the marketing department i received a lot of responsibility and got the chance to work independently. In that way I have learned to work autonome with a clear vision and the image of the brand in my head.

If someone asks me to describe the collaboration with Le Grand & Associates in one word I would pick: “Unique”. Unique because of the perfect balance between professionality and a loosen atmosphere in the team. The working space is great, all colleagues strive for the same goal.

Unfortunately due to the covid-19 situation my internship got a sad turn. I had to spend a big part of my internship at home, social distanced. But the virtual collaboration went very smooth we had lots of Skype calls.

I would only praise this beautiful company, its employees and their vision.

Thank you Le Grand & Associates for this educational experience.

Testimonial written by Jasper D’Haens, intern marketing.

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