The recruitment agency as a career coach

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What is a recruitment agency?
The jobboards are often loaded with ads from interim-and selection agencies. But who are they? What do they do? Which agency do you get in touch with? A headhunter can try to get in touch with you because your profile catches the attention, or thanks to your interesting background. You can also take the initiative and apply on pleasing vacancies. If you don’t see the wood for the trees you can always leave your resume, a specialized recruiter will then get in touch with you and assist you further with your spontaneous application.

A recruitment agency as a career coach.
Before you get in touch with a consultancy agency there is an in-depth process preceded.
The relationship between client and company has already been built. The agency is already informed of the profile that is aimed for the vacancy and the competences that are needed. In other words, they can read ‘between the lines’ of the vacancy.

When you get in touch with them, you will be invited to an open conversation to talk about your competences and expectations, in that way they can search for the best opportunities on the market for you. Those intake conversations can often bring out opportunities you had never thought of before.

A specialized agency in legal vacancies can offer you jobs in advocacy, notary, consultancy and company-juridical functions.

The threshold to apply in a completely different environment than you’re used to is generally high. But when there’s a specialized recruiter at your side, you will be offered different insights. They can, objectively, explain to you the advantages and disadvantages of several industries.

Guidance through the process
Through the process you will get a detailled overview of the companies and offices, as if you get a glimpse behind the scènes. In that way you are aware of what the company is about, and you are totally prepared to get to know your potential employer. Eventual stress-to-apply can be avoided.

Further, you can count on several tips to apply, and to-the-point feedback after every conversation. The consultant will advise you through the whole process, they will help you with the right choices, the financial negotiation, and the eventual signing of the contract. Even afterwards, at your new employer, your contact person will stay available to make sure that you are well settled.

Specialized advise
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Article written by Jolien De Leersnijder, Associate Manager at Le Grand & Associates

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