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Le Grand & Associates has a highly competent team that constantly keeps one goal in mind: connect talented professionals with successful companies!

“A great vision without great People is irrelevant.”
James C. Collins

Strong companies with strong work forces go a long way. Nonetheless, not everyone has the tools and the time at disposal to attract the best people on the labour market. That is where we come in.

Le Grand & Associates has the know-how and the professional network to connect the right candidates with the right companies. You come to us, we create a match. We can guarantee quality thanks to our thorough screening process. Our candidates are selected meticulously, and only the best candidates for the job will be introduced to your company. This way we are able to create the perfect relationship between the candidate and your company, both professionally and personally.

Our high quality service and our ‘No cure, no pay’ philosophy make of Le Grand & Associates the most trustworthy partner for your company.

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