BOFIDI Groep and Le Grand & Associates

Have you heard of BOFIDI Group yet?

Bofidi gives tailored advice and listens to the person behind the entrepreneur, detects needs and provides tailor-made advice. They are a one stop shop and advise our customers regarding accountancy, tax, legislation, business coaching, corporate finance, payroll, HR and internationalisation. BOFIDI is also registered as a service provider within the SME portfolio.

After a short conversation with the head of recruitment of Bofidi Group we are with our head in the sky thanks to the positive comments. Since a couple of years, we are working on a productive cooperation. Our financial profiles are the popular ones seen our specialities and the grow and need of Bofidi for those profiles. There we realised that we could mean a lot for each other.

With 5 different offices spread all over Belgium it is our challenge to offer the same service everywhere.

Also about our collaboration, only good. Seen our years of successful collaboration our consultants are already very well aligned. At Bofidi they are happy with the quality that we deliver and our way of working. The planning of candidates runs without problems. Bofidi has their own tests of knowledge and they fit perfectly in our process. The strength of our collaboration results in the continuous open communication in both ways and the image we have formed of the requirements and expectations that Bofidi want.

Our strength are the financial profiles, Bofidi can agree on that, they would recommend our services and expertise to other companies, but not their direct competitors. The top profiles they would like to keep to themselves ; – )

When we asked to describe the collaboration of Le Grand & Associates and Bofidi in one word they have picked the word: ‘to the point’, not one word but also very effective. “We always speak in a very clear way and possible issues are easy clarified. Everything is always very well aligned, Le Grand & Associates offers interesting profiles and you know what we expect, that is more than easy for us” Thus the head of recruitment of Bofidi Group, Domien Masquillier.

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