5 tips for working from home

Due to the corona crisis, many employees are forced to work from home. For some it is easier because they can avoid the long traffic jams on their way to work. Others think it is scary and it might be their first time they work from home. However, following tips can be useful for everyone to work more efficiently and productively from home, in the best conditions. Interested? Read further below.

Everything starts with good preparation

A good preparation is important to ensure that you work efficiently from your homedesk and to avoid certain disorders that may occur.

When we need to install our home office, we immediately think of having a laptop or computer. As a preparation, it is best to check whether everything still works, such as the keyboard, the sound, the camera, the printer… Also when you live at home with other family members while working from home, it is always easier to have a headset. This reduces distractions and disturbances while working.

Fortunately, these days technology is already very advanced, and it is easy to work from home. In comparison with 10 years ago, nowadays it’s very easy to have a conversation using a software like Skype Zoom, Facetime or Bluejeans. These tools will allow you to make phone calls or video calls with one or more people. This makes it possible to hold meetings, interviews, etc. from a distance.

Find a good workplace

For your own health and productivity, it is important to provide yourself with a good workplace. Working on your bed can be very tempting but is still a big risk. It is best to have a desk and office chair to work ergonomically. Nobody wants to suffer from back problems or neck problems.

To get your day off to a good start, spoil yourself with a nice breakfast on the balcony, in the garden or next to the window before you open your laptop.

Preferably put your desk and office chair in a place where there is a lot of natural light. After all, enough daylight is more pleasant and ensures that we function properly. Just think of the winter dip that most of us experience during the winter. When you have a virtual meeting, keep in mind that you show a neutral background behind you. Kids running around in the garden or a someone that is cleaning the dishes isn’t very professional.

Make a Work schedule

Keeping your concentration optimal can be quite difficult when working from home. Especially when you are in the presence of your children. Make a clear schedule for yourself in advance with concrete working hours. Also make sure that you pass these hours on to your colleagues so that they know when you can best be reached. On Google you will find a lot of templates for a good work schedule.

Dress neatly

To make you feel like you’re going to work, it’s better to dress neatly. Of course, it is not necessary to work in suits or walk around the house on your heels. Wearing neat clothes makes you stick more to your work schedule and once you’ve taken off your work clothes, you’re guaranteed to feel better when you’ve put on those lovely pyjamas after a productive day.

Even if you have a Skype call, for example, it looks more professional if you show up neatly. It’s also easier to be dressed up in the morning if you’ve scheduled a Skype call in the afternoon. It can happen that during a busy day you forgot about that one meeting. Then of course you don’t want to rush to get your professional clothes a few minutes before the Skype call.

Don’t forget to take breaks

In addition to the hard work, you can indulge yourself with breaks. Plan these breaks in advance on your work schedule. Enough exercise is certainly equally important if you have an office job. During these breaks, we encourage you to go for a walk with your dog or go jogging in the neighbourhood. In this way you will have fresh air and you will be able to concentrate back on your work. Again, do not forget to communicate this to your team. A break means to get away from the workload. If they bother you with information you won’t be able to relax.

Good luck all, and please, stay safe, stay inside. That is the only cure.

Written by Soumia El Majjati, intern recruitment and selection